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Dr. Energy Saver is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Norfolk. Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver's recent work requests in Norfolk and nearby areas!

Learn more about The Drying Co./ThermalTec's recent work requests in Norfolk, VA
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
I recently moved here due to the military and bought my 1938 house this last October. Over the winter I noticed a huge increase in my energy bill, now mind you I live alone and the house is 1002 sqft. Did some digging around and with the use of a thermal gun, I soon found my problem. I found out I have absolutely no insulation in the exterior of my walls. So I'd like to look into getting insulation in the exterior walls definitely with the summer around the corner or repeat last winter. So any possible help or considerations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
We have an non-insulated attic and crawl space and also lack proper insulation in our eaves. We would like to get an estimate on what it would take to properly insulate our home. We are looking to finish off the attic space as soon as it is insulated correctly.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Poor or no insulation behind electric fireplace inserts in preexisting wood fireplace. Poorly insulated doors and windows etc
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Hi - I'm exploring improving my cellar and crawl space insulation in my 1908 home. The house was renovated in 1990 and a lot of the insulation is falling down, etc.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Interested in having attic insulation replaced.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
I have a detached garage that I would like to get the ceiling spray foam insulated.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
My electric bill has skyrocketed compared to this time of year last year. Watching my energy usage after turning off my thermostat ruled out any new greedy/runaway appliances, but my landlord's HVAC crew checked the heat pump unit twice and found nothing wrong. I'm thinking then it must be an insulation/leak/sealing issue and am interested in a door blower test.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Need crawlspace to past inspection.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Insulate crawl space
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
We have standing water in the crawl space under our home and 100% moisture in some areas. Would love to have an estimate on fixing the water situation, replacing any damaged wood, placing a dehumidifier and encapsulating the space. Thanks!
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
I am interested in getting a quote for blown in cellulose insulation with borate for walls.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Under insulated addition. Looking to have old insulation in attic removed and and add new blown in insulation. Approximately 400 square feet.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Concerns attic needs insulation removed/replaced and crawl space needs sealing
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Would like to insulate my attic ~1100sqft of bare space to cover +~700sqft if attic floor is upgraded too.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Need a quote for a vapor barrier underneath the house
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
We need insulation in our house.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
House isnt maintaining temperature very well. Attic insulation is very old
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
We would like the attic properly insulated and possibly some ductwork insulated. We would like a quote.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
My upstairs AC cannot keep up. Would like for someone to tell me if there is anything we can do insulation / air sealing wise as the HVAC people say there is nothing else they can do without upgrading duct size - which is not an option.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
I have owned this house since June, and now that the, "Dust has Settled," from moving I am looking to assess and repair energy deficiencies.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
My house wont cool. My AC runs all day long and tests on it have shown no issues with the unit itself but I can't get my home below 84 degrees. I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with my home that would cause my unit not to cool it properly.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Hot attic and feels like hot air is transferring into home. Also, concerned about air leakage and attic temps being too high making upstairs hvac not cooling efficiently. Can't get upstairs below 80 degrees when it's 90 degrees outside. Insulation is slim to none in attic right now.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
The garage temperature (hot and cold) are affecting my home's ability to cool and heat.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Remove and replace old insulation in crawl space and attic.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Our air conditioner doesn't seem to pump a lot of air into the house. It was suggested that some of the ductwork under the house might need repair.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Need to remove old insulation and install new
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
We own a 1918 Georgian in Norfolk with attic access on the third floor. We have pulled most of our old cellulose insulation due to rodent damage and are wanting to replace with foam insulation. We are also interested in a quote for insulating our crawl space and basement with foam as well.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
We believe that our insulation is too old and that there is not enough of it to keep our house cool in the summer heat.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
I would like a quote for a home energy audit and to speak with someone about local insulation contractors that they suggest. I have a few rooms over crawl spaces that need to be insulated, plus I would like the blower door test and am interested how my home rates after all the systems are entered into the energy audit program.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Heat repair
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Wet crawl space.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Interested in a quote to have the attic re-insulated or otherwise repaired, if necessary.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Encapsulation of my crawl space and possible spray foam in my attic.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
This is a new construction but when the temperatures drop down a couple a weeks ago, the heater system wouldn't reach the desired temperature in days. We think the is an air leak or something else.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
We have 1000 sq ft of attic with no insulation. can we get an idea on how much you would charge to insulate it? George is wanting R34-38 range. Blow or rolled is preferred
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
We have a 1000 sq ft attic with no insulation. We wanted to see how much it would cost to insulate it The bldg was built in 1929 but we bought the coop - top floor/3d floor unit two weeks ago. Our neighbors are NOT insulated so not sure how that works
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
I have extreme dust in my home. All my clothes are covered in dust balls. The sofa gets covered in dust after a couple days. The floors are covered in dust. I would like to test to see if leaking air ducts could be the problem. All my air ducts are exposed as this is an old industrial style condo.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Looking for attic insulation
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
House need more insulation and crawl space plastic cover. I am comparing prices at this time.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
I'm looking to foam insulate the crawl space.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
I need attic insulation but would like to leave the lath and plaster intact where the attic spaces have been finished.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Refurbished home purchased Feb 2013. No insulation in crawl space that I (new owner) have been installing. Concern is with lack of insulation in wall space. Have vinyl siding. Original home was built 1924. Refurbished 2011-2014. Winter very drafty downstairs, warm upstairs.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Attic that gets too hot
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
I would like a quote on crawl space encapsulation and information on other potential crawl space moisture control options based on an assessment of our home's current state.
Project Location: Norfolk, VA
Crawl space insulation. Interested in spray on insulation.
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